Calculus - Walrusman

Hairy Claw is rapidly returning to the forefront of deep, tracky late night house music following a sabatical. This new slice of nice comes from Calculus (aka Gary Goodwin) and is formed of two excellent tracks. “Walrus Man” is a stabbing, Chicago groove with undulating bass and loose drums making it a swaggering dancefloor bomb. It’s counterpart, “Pilot” treads a trippier but more direct dancefloor path with a nagging groove, fluttering keys and an incessant bassline. Both tracks have seen support from Ame, Sasse (Mood Music), Sebbo, Solomun, Justin Drake (Peace Division), David Alvarado, Tania Vulcano (DC10), Rub & Tug, Trickski and many more….

Release Date:

19 Aug 2007


(p) & (c) Hairyclaw 2007

HC08 Calculus - Walrusman

[HC08] 12" Vinyl

  • Listen A: Pilot
  • Listen B: Walrusman
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