Various - This Is Your Machine

Number 4 in Bear Entertainment’s Hairy Claw series sees in-house producer and DJ Steve Kotey (CHICKEN LIPS) joining forces with a host of musical friends and producers to deliver a wicked EP that will appeal to house and jazz heads alike. ‘Shoora Shoora’ by King Shakira is a futuristic jazz house gem sure to get the more discerning dancefloor fired up. Mesmerising stuff! ‘Just Link’ by Wrong Planetz kicks off with keys, a heavyweight bassline and some soaring strings that ride a broken style beat very nicely indeed.’The song I forgot to make’ by Nii-Amon ventures into Larry Heard territory for some horizontal space jazz, a perfect chill-out moment! ‘P.A.G.O.’ by the oddly named Re.doit.stone.funk.collective takes us straight back to the floor for more top quality jazz house action. Think Phil Asher, Playin’ 4 The City and alike!

Release Date:

05 Jun 2003


(p) & (c) Hairyclaw 2003

HC04 Various - This Is Your Machine

[HC04] 12" Vinyl

  • Listen A1: King Shakira - Shoora Shoora
  • Listen A2: Wrong Planetz - Just Link
  • Listen B1: Nii-Amon - The Song I Forgot To Make
  • Listen B2: Re.Doit.Stone.Funk.Collective - P.A.G.O
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