Freestyle Man - Century EP

Klas Henrik Lindblad (AKA Sasse / Freestyle Man) follows up his Vibin EP debut on Hairy Claw with his tasteful 3 tracker, the Century EP.

Things open up with “Century” is all about forward thinking groove, jazzy stabs & some tasteful samples. “Master Class” is all about the bassline and deep house sensibilities whilst “For The Streets” conjures up images of Detroit with its housey drums, cross-faded pads and slightly wonky keys. For those who like things without the samples we also include a dub of the lead track Century.

More to come on the Claw from our favourite Scandinavian Berlin-transplanted Deep House-meister after the summer…. When (if the gods of Odin, Thor, Loki & Freyr are smiling) we may be venturing into album territory for the first time in the Hairy Claw cave.

Release Date:

28 September 2009


Written & Produced by Laurin Fedora
Published by Copyright Control
(p) & (c) Hairyclaw 2009

HC016 Freestyle Man - Century EP