Freestyle Man - Vibin EP

Consistent quality and Klas Henrik Lindblad (AKA Sasse / Freestyle Man) are two phrases that belong firmly together. Following on from our last adventure HC013 Session Victim we keep the beats deep and the groove German.

'Vibin' opens things up, hypnotic & muscular grooves with tastefully planted samples. Think 2am, Berlin, walking through the door into an atmosphere of gyration. 'Gotta Hold On' hangs with deep grooves but drops the odd jazzy chord and discordant pad for extra effect. 'Trailor Ends' rounds things off keeping the grooves lowslung but with snatches of Detroit sounds. A powerful debut from a master on the Hairy Claw label.

Release Date:

11 May 2009


Written & Produced by Klas Henrik Lindblad
Published by Copyright Control
(p) & (c) Hairyclaw 2009

HC014 Freestyle Man - Vibin EP

[HC014] 12" Vinyl

  • Listen A1: Vibin
  • Listen B1: Gotta Hold On
  • Listen B2: Trailor Ends
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