Steve “Fella” Kotey

Stevie got his first taste for music at 16 working for Audio one studios in Soho London, A promotion from tea boy to tape operator gave him a chance to sit in on various pop productions and also confirmed his urge to get into the music biz. After years of top productions and remixes Stevie launched Bearfunk in 2002. Bear Entertainment is now one of the world's most talked about independent disco distribution companies. With a catalogue of music that ranges from Disco to Balearic and from Funk to Acid house The Bear is known for it's love of weird music and stupid humour. Bears' A&R repertoire reads like the who's who of wonky disco but that's not all. In 2002 Stevie joined forces with his Stafford amigos Chicken Lips for both DJ, live and studio duties.

Releases: HC01

Steve Kotey

Freestyle Man

Born in Finland in 1973, Klas Lindblad has been djing since the end of the 80s, dwelling first thru pop music and eventually finding electronic music in the early 90s. He was running one of the first house clubs in Turku, Finland from 92-96 and was a regular guest at the major parties in the Finnish electronic scene.

At this time he also started to work on production and soon the first releases came out on Sähkö/Puu as Freestyle Man. His early work has been considered a milestone in the Scandinavian house sound and the original 12-inches are still very much sought after.

In 1996 he started Moodmusic with the first release, "Sasse Presents...", a 4 track EP with influences from NYC and Detroit house. Instantly creating a havoc on European dance floors, the following releases put Moodmusic on the map of recognized house labels with the distinctive sound and top-notch A&R abilities of Sasse and his close-circuit artist roster.

Fast forward to 1999 and Sasse leaves Finland for Frankfurt am Main to start a residency at the famous Robert Johnson club. He is running his highly successful “Finnish First“ nights there from 2000 - 2003 after which he decides to move to Berlin.

The early releases from Henrik Schwarz on Moodmusic culminates in 2003 with the birth of Sunday Music, a musical platform for Sasse and Henrik productions. At the same time Sasse started Must! Records for more obscure disco, italo and chicago house edits.

In 2005 he builds his beloved BlackHead Studios in Prenzlauer Berg with companions Ewan Pearson and Filippo "Naughty" Moscatello and starts to work on his first artist album. The album "Made Within The Upper Stair Of Heaven” is released on Moodmusic in 2006 to critical acclaim and the singles, "Soul Sounds", "Loosing Touch" (featuring the distinctive vocals of Kiki) and "Up To You” makes waves on dance floors around the globe.

In 2007 a special collaboration called "It’s All True" between Tracey Thorn and the production team of Sasse, Darshan Jesrani and Ewan Pearson was featured on Tracey’s last album, "Out Of The Woods". The single release featured remixes from Martin Buttrich, Kris Menace and Escort and was one of the summer tunes of 2007.

His 2008 album "Toinen" was a landmark for Sasse, showing again his musical abilities and creating a timeless piece of music which sounds as good in a club, bar or at home. Toinen spawned 3 singles which gained praise from the dj-community around the world.

During the week Sasse is nailed on his studio chair working under one of his many pseudonyms but starting on Friday he transforms into his first love, the djing. Over the last 5 years, the success of his productions and remixes brought him to nearly all-good House-clubs worldwide. Doing his monthly residency at Cookies club and the frequent Moodmusic nights in Panorama Bar he surely keeps the Berlin club land busy !

He is about to release a new album under his Freestyle Man moniker called "The Bottom Line" which will see the day of light in February 2010 on Hairy Claw Records in the UK. Furthemore there will be a Sasse EP on Moodmusic in early 2010 and lots of of remixes to rock the floors to.

Releases: HC014, HC016, HC019

Freestyle Man


Taken from Calculus' MySpace.
Born on the 10th may 1979 in Dublin and raised in southern Spain, Calculus began collecting records with his older brother in the early 90's, naturally developing a love for underground music. An introduction to the studio environment during the mid 90's got him hooked, before long evolving into programming and production for various commercial and underground projects.

Releases: HC011, HC008


Laurie first made waves on the House/ Techno scene with his first release with then studio partner Carl Faure (formerly of Blackgrass). The 'On my Mind' EP was released on Brighton's most notorious label Catskills, was remixed by Sian (Pokerflat) and received a rapturous response from the likes of Laurent Garnier, Paul Woolford and Damian Lazarus amongst others.

His first solo EP for Hypercolour - True EP, caused as much of a stir and found it's way into the boxes of John Tejada, Losoul, M.A.N.D.Y and Garnier again amongst lots more. Most recently his remix of Philippe Autuori 'Redemption' (Hypercolour) outshone the Skylark (Nic Fanciulli) remix on the same release, was heavily played by the likes of Magda, Nick Curly, and most recently featuring on Dan Ghenacias Ibiza Voice podcast.

2009 seems set to be great year for Shenoda with further releases due on Glimpse Recordings, Hypercolour and Hairy Claw.



Session Victim

244 km - that's the distance between Berlin and Hamburg. A little further if you're going from Kreuzberg to Altona, and this is what Hauke Freer and Matthias Reiling do as often as possible to visit each others studios and start fighting over bass lines and kick drums.

Hauke found his way into music working for the record labels KANZLERAMT, FUTURE CLASSIC and RESOPAL SCHALLWARE. These days, he feeds his enormous hunger for dance music through DJing and releasing tracks himself on REAL SOON and MORRIS AUDIO.

Matthias, sequencing ever since he got his first Amiga 500 Protracker, co-owns the NULLZWEISTUDIOS in Hamburg where he works on recording and sound design. As part of the production duo NIC & JAQ he produces instrumentals for rappers like APLUS, SHAWN LOV, DIABLO ARCHER and THE RED FOX.

After Releasing the No Friends EP on the highly acclaimed label REAL SOON. SVM hit the road to play their live act around Germany. With more releases confirmed for 2009 on HAIRY CLAW and REAL SOON they look forward to, well, more composing and more road trips of course. Style is house.


Session Victim