HC018 Tea and Sympathy Vol 1

Sporadic releases, moments of genius and a non-conformist attitude make ‘Hairy Claw’ what it is today. ‘Tea and Sympathy’ trawls through the Hairy Claw vaults to dig out some of the most requested and effective dance floor deepness.

‘Deep’ is a key word here; Hairy Claw can be seen as a modern day Jacques Cousteau finding new ways to explore deep uncharted territories.

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HC019 Freestyle Man - The Bottom Line

Consistent quality and Klas Henrik Lindblad (AKA Sasse / Freestyle Man) are two phrases that belong firmly together. Following on from two extremely well received EPs we are pleased here at Hairy Claw to present the Freestyle Man album 'The Bottom Line'. Its the first full length Freestyle Man album since “Going South” on Sähkö/PUU in 2000

Our favourite Scandinavian Berlin-transplanted House-meister has well and truly delivered. Its our first venture into album territory so all-killa-and-no-filla policy was well and truly in force. We hope you like the results as much as we do.


  • Listen 01: Century
  • Listen 02: Body
  • Listen 03: Old Fashioned Love
  • Listen 04: Vibin
  • Listen 05: Janne
  • Listen 06: Trailor Ends
  • Listen 07: Chunkin
  • Listen 08: Gigi
  • Listen 09: Boogaloo
  • Listen 10: House You
  • Listen 11: Seriously
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